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Trident Claims New Processor Brings Cinema-Like Quality to TVs

Chipmaker Trident Microsystems has released its single chip video processor, the DPTV3DPRO, which it says will bring film-quality motion and still images to digital progressive, plasma, LCD and rear projection TVs.

The new chipset integrates a multi-standard 3D digital comb video decoder for NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats, edge smoothing circuitry and object-based digital noise reduction. The 3D digital video decoder reads consecutive horizontal scanning lines within each video frame making corrections as it goes to ensure picture detail and resolution. It requires no extra frame buffers for performing 3D comb filtering, which Trident says translates into cost saving for the manufacturers. The DPTV3DPRO has film-mode recovery and enables a SDTV signal to display in Picture-in-Picture mode, Picture-out-Picture mode and 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio modes.

The DPTV3DPRO is sampling to manufacturers and Trident expects an increasing number of future companies, including Samsung and Sampo, to announce products powered by their video processor.