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Tribune Taps Harris for Graphics Processing

Tribune Broadcasting has purchased the Harris Corp. Digital Turnaround Processor (DTP) for 21 of its stations.

The DTP is an all-MPEG-2 compressed stream processor that allows broadcasters to splice, rate-shape and overlay still and animated graphics on pre-compressed, HD and SD streams. The DTP allows a remotely encoded DTV signal to be localized with such applications as logo overlays, crawls, time and temperature, stock information, and local weather and news.

"We wanted a system that would enable support of industry-standard protocols for control as well as text ingest and audio insertion for EAS messages and text crawls across all channels of our multiplex," said Ira Goldstone, vice president and CTO of Tribune Broadcasting. "Additionally, channel logo insertion, pre-encoded spot delivery, SCTE 35 controlled spot playout and spliced insertion were important features we required to meet our business objectives. Java GUI and PSIP generation were also important. The DTP was the only system we found that could do it all."