Traffic-reporting Aircraft Lands on New Jersey Turnpike

CHERRY HILL, N.J.: A pilot hired to do traffic reports for Philadelphia broadcasters had to put down on the New Jersey Turnpike, reports indicate. The single-engine Cessna carrying the pilot and a passenger made an emergency landing at 6:46 a.m.. No injuries were reported.

The Philadelphia Inquireridentified the pilot as Frank Vogt, 28, who was working for Metro Networks Westwood One. His passenger was said to be traffic reporter Mike Lankford. Vogt landed on the northbound side the Turnpike after losing oil pressure. The Inquirer said oil was visibly leaking from the cowl. Raw video footage captured by AP and posted at YouTube shows oil splatter on the tail. (Still image pulled from video shows the oil.) Vogt pulled the aircraft over on the side of the road, but traffic nonetheless backed up for nearly two miles.

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