Toshiba to Launch LCD, HD DVD Campaigns

Toshiba plans to kick off a couple of new marketing initiatives to push the company's HD DVD players and Regza HD set brands in tandem. Toshiba, which is the chief proponent of HD DVD, said it wants to project the idea that it makes sense to combine its HD DVD player and a Regza 1080p LCD set in the consumer's mind in order to provide a practical solution for those who use their HD screens to primarily view a lot of movie content.

Tapped as spokesperson for the Toshiba's two American campaigns is actor Michael Imperioli, best known for his longtime role as Christopher Moltisanti on "The Sopranos." He will be featured in print ads for Toshiba HD DVD players, and in TV spots combining Regza LCD monitors and HD DVD disc players, according to the company.

The Regza brand comes in eight sizes ranging from 26 to 57 inches.