Toshiba Intros DVR Hard Disc With HD DVD Recorder/Player

Toshiba has unveiled a digital video recorder that integrates recordable HD DVD discs, in combination with a 1 TB hard disc. The RD-A1 can record and store up to 130 hours of HD content on the hard disc -- and up to 230 minutes of HD content to a single HD DVD disc.

Set for a July 14 rollout in Japan (no North American or European dates yet), the RD-A1 is the first DVR to support both recording and playback in HD DVD. The recorder combines support for recording HD broadcasts to HD DVD-R discs: up to 115 minutes of HD content to a 15 GB single-layer HD DVD-R disc, and up to 230 minutes to a 30 GB dual-layer HD DVD-R disc. (The unit can simultaneously record one HD and one analog program to the hard disc.)

In addition to HD DVD, the RD-A1 supports playback from, and recording to, conventional DVD-RAM/-RW/-R discs, allowing access to content from standard DVD. The new Toshiba unit supports 1080p output via HDMI. The firm said in a statement that video-audio output is enhanced by the design of the RD-A1's chassis, which is built with anti-vibration controls.