Toronto's Deluxe selects Quantel's GenerationQ

The Toronto-based post production unit of Deluxe, one of the world’s largest outsource providers of media services to the entertainment industry, has selected Quantel’s iQ with QColor for its new digital film lab.

The majority of the projects going through iQ at Deluxe are standard definition episodic work.

The Toronto-based facility recently completed a multi-million dollar expansion and renovation, which included the purchase of the iQ.

Dan McLellan, executive vice president/GM of Deluxe Sound & Picture, said the generationQ technology offers the flexibility he needs as someone who works with a wide range of clients. He’s got to say “yes” to whatever kind of project walks through the door.

“Quantel provides that kind of flexibility, where one day we can service a client who has standard def needs, the next client needs HD mastering and another might come in with a theatrical project that needs finishing and output to film,” he said.

Deluxe provides solutions for the production, manufacturing and distribution of entertainment content and is the market leader in distributing released prints for the motion picture industry worldwide. With facilities throughout North America and Europe, The company Deluxe Laboratories offers a complete range of services and special processes unique to Deluxe.

Tony Meerakker, vice president of Picture Post Production, said likes iQ because it easily interfaces with other technologies within the facility, like the daVinci 2K and Cintel DSX C-Reality telecine. “We have the ability to send 2K images directly into the iQ, color grade them with the daVinci or QColor and output them directly to a Firewire drive for output to film,” he said.

The majority of the projects going through iQ at Deluxe are standard definition episodic work, though along with HD mastering the company is also completing digital effects fixes, dirt clean-ups and wire removals. It soon expects to take on 2K jobs as well, something that inspired the company to go with the iQ system.

Deluxe Sound & Picture edits and mixes television series for air on the PAX cable network in the U.S. It has also provided HD mastering services for “The Gospel of John” (Visual Bible International), Norman Jewison’s “The Statement” (Serendipity Point Films) and a variety of different projects for Miramax.

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