Tom Riti Studios Creates In-Classroom Production Scripts

PORT ROYAL, Va.—High school and college TV production teachers now have access to a new resource that will give students professionally designed, real-world comparable experience in the classroom. Tom Riti Studios has launched its new website,, that features 12, “ready-to-teach” newscasts scripts for hands-on experience.

Each script, which are designed to be performed in the classroom, comes with pre-recorded edited news packages, SOTs, B-roll videos, complete show rundowns for each script and student handouts that explain newscast production methods and terminology. Other production aspects that will be covered during these exercises includes lighting techniques, editing, on-camera composure, script writing and multicamera techniques.

Tom Riti, a retired high school TV production teacher and former over-the-air TV news producer, developed this program based off how he taught his students.

“If the objective is to create a classroom environment that encourages learning and increases retention of the material, you need to write many progressively challenging newscast scripts each with its own set of B-roll videos, SOTs and packages,” said Riti, something that he hopes this resource will do.

Riti plans to add other educational resources for TV production classrooms, including a “History of TV” exercise that will feature performable narrative biographies of early TV entrepreneurs and inventors; “Science of TV” exercises that simplify different TV production concepts; and a “Talking Heads” series of exercises focusing on productions with two on-camera hosts.

A sample script is available for download at