TiVo Releases CubiTV for Android TV

LONDON—TiVo is rolling out its new CubiTV service, which is designed to allow operators to utilize the Android TV Operator Tier and its benefits.

CubiTV is a pre-integrated system that delivers an immersive user experience with an operator-branded interface that accesses the Google Assistant search and browse functionality. Using this with Android TV ecosystem, operators can boost customer experience with OTT content, apps and games, as well as services like Google Assistant on TV and IoT integrations.

CubiTV for Android TV also gives operators the ability to add features through a STB-agnostic architecture; possible upgrades include TiVo’s personalized content discovery platform.

Deployment options for CubiTV leverage the CubiTV DVB stack and pre-conditional access and STB integrations.

TiVo is planning to publicly demonstrate CubiTV for Android TV at the 2019 Connected TV World Summit in London from March 27-28.