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TiVo, IFC launches video download trial service

TiVo has announced the launch of a video download trial in conjunction with Independent Film Channel (IFC), enabling select TiVo subscribers to download IFC programming over broadband to their TiVo Series2 DVR.

TiVo is using this new functionality to begin a series of broadband features that will be deployed to TiVo Series2 users beginning this fall. The availability of the IFC programming will be promoted to trial participants through a TiVo Showcase. Once a TiVo subscriber chooses to receive the IFC programming, the shows are downloaded via a broadband connection.

During the trial, IFC will make its first-ever scripted series, “Hopeless Pictures,” “Greg The Bunny,” and “The Festival”— which will premiere Aug. 19 — available for download by TiVo subscribers in advance of the network telecast premiere. In addition to offering the full episodes of each series, IFC will package exclusive content, including outtakes and other unaired footage, for TiVo subscribers.

During the trial, there will also be a sweepstakes at in which visitors to the site can enter a drawing to win a TiVo Series2 DVR with a product lifetime service subscription. One winner will be randomly selected each month from August through October. In addition, IFC will promote the sweepstakes and the availability of IFC programming via download on TiVo DVRs in spots airing on IFC during the contest.

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