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TiVo Develops ‘Deep Discovery’ Recommendation Tool

TiVo Deep Discovery
(Image credit: TiVo)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—TiVo has launched “Deep Discovery,” a new programming search tool designed to help viewers find more relevant recommendations. The API-based metadata solution has also signed up its first customer in Finnish-based company Elisa.

The Deep Discovery package, which is an option with Video Metadata, adds new detailed metadata for more highly relevant search results and recommendations. Metadata examples include:

  • Mood, tone, theme and time period; 
  • Topics that bring in details from the content to form connections to special interests; 
  • Popularity scores that can link older titles to trending content; and  
  • Weighted keywords 

TiVo links these fields to standardized video metadata.

“In a content landscape with more options than ever, advanced personalization and relevance are fundamental for products and services as consumers increasingly want to interact with brands that know what they want, before they ever search for it,” said Chris Ambrozic, vice president of Product, Discovery at Xperi, TiVo’s parent company. “Deep Discovery harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver more relevant and personalized recommendations for service providers like Elisa.”

Elisa is the provider of the Elisa Viihde digital entertainment service in Finland, where viewers can access streaming video services, rental movies and pay-TV packages. Elisa has had a relationship with TiVo since 2014, utilizing its TV Schedule and VOD Metadata.