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Time Warner, Omnibus Expand Partnership

Time Warner Cable has ordered over $500,000 worth of Omnibus' news automation, media and asset management and playout products for its new 24-hour news channel in Milwaukee.

Omnibus' platform was installed earlier this year at NY1 News, Time Warners' flagship station in New York. Harlan Neugebron, TWC's VP of engineering and technology, says "We have a unique relationship with Omnibus in that we are more of a development partner than a typical client...Working with Omnibus, we were able to deploy a technical and production infrastructure that would allow [TWC] to continue to successfully launch 24-hour local news channels."

TWC's local news channels operate on a wheel format that contains an hour's worth of both live and prerecorded items. Using MOS protocol to integrate Omnibus's system with AP's ENPS newsroom, the Omnibus platform controls ingest, desktop editing, asset management and playout.

Journalists using the Omnibus Desktop Control from within the EPNS newsroom system can add graphics to scripts, search and restore video from the archive and browse and edit hi-res video. Time Warner is using Pinnacle servers and Vertigo graphics integrated with Omnibus' asset management platform.

The station, TWC's first local Midwest news operation and TWC's eighth 24-hour newschannel overall, is scheduled to go on air in the summer of 2004.