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TI DLP technology enables 3-D TV viewing in the home

DLP products from Texas Instruments (TI) showcased its HD 3-D DLP technology at the CEDIA Expo, the high-end home theater and entertainment industry's annual meeting. DLP core technology is enabling stereoscopic 3-D capability for HDTVs that are currently on the market. CEDIA attendees saw first-hand how TI DLP products are providing consumer electronics manufacturers a simple, yet high-performance, solution that will deliver 3-D content in the home.

As the technology behind leading 3-D HDTV applications, the extremely fast response and refresh rate of the DLP chip allows consumer electronics manufacturers to innovate options for HDTVs that add an immersive 3-D view to TV viewing. Future-proofing HDTVs with 3-D capabilities is especially desirable for video gaming, immersive action scenes and sports.

Following a similar path that led to the adoption of DLP Cinema technology, 3-D DLP HDTV opens the doors for immediate adaptation of existing 3-D computer games, software and future 3-D content by providing a unique display option. More than 4500 screens worldwide use DLP Cinema technology, with nearly 1000 of them enabled for 3-D movies — further growth is expected as Hollywood expands the number of 3-D releases.

Newly developed 3-D-ready HDTV models from Mitsubishi and Samsung create a HD stereo 3-D picture when connected to a compatible HDMI/DVI source. Active glasses synchronize to the display then separate the stereo images to each eye, thus providing the enriching, flicker-free immersive 3-D viewing experience.

TI DLP products have aided the growth of 3-D movies and content by working closely with major movie studios, OEMs and partner companies. Consumer interest in 3-D entertainment content continues to steadily increase as a result of theatrical 3-D releases such as “Meet the Robinsons,” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and other studio projects in development.

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