"The Matrix" Reloads with Avid, Pinnacle

"The Matrix Reloaded" swamped theatres with moviegoers eager to see the next installment of the trilogy. Behind the scenes, Avid Technology's film and video editing, audio and animation systems and Pinnacle's editing and compositing system provided technical support to the filmmakers.

Avid's Film Composer, Avid/DS, Unity MediaNetwork, Xpress DV, Digidesign Pro Tools HD, ProControl, Control/24, Softimage/XSI and Softimage/3D systems were all used to post the film. Avid systems edited picture and sound and pre-visualized and created effects for the film, game and DVD. Avid gear was also used to create the Atari and Shiny Entertainment video game called "Enter the Matrix" and a DVD package of nine animated short films called "The Animatrix."

Pinnacle's CineWave RT Pro was used by Ocean Video to produce action scenes. Ocean Video's Brainstorm system used a mobile CineWave, with Apple's Final Cut Pro, on set to give directors feedback for their live action shots. During production, Ocean Video transmitted live video directly from the film camera to a mobile CineWave system, which lets users adjust speed and composite the video with background graphics, powered by an Apple Titanium PowerBook.