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The Cubanator

Aside from the fact that he answers all of his e-mails, owns an NBA team and runs a hi-def network, Mark Cuban has time to be "The Benefactor." The new ABC show stars Mr. himself pitting a hand-picked group of 16 contestants (aka, non-union actors) vying for $1 million of his money.

Why is he doing it? In various blogs and interviews, Cuban has said that he wants to "change someone's life forever." Actually, what the ever savvy Cubanator gets for his trouble is a big 'ol swath of prime time air, beginning Sept. 13, for the low, low price of $1 million. The chances that he will repeatedly utter the word, "HDNet" are quite high.

Asked if "The Benefactor" was being shot and broadcast in HD, Cuban said yes to both. Asked how he looked in HD, he said, "just as ugly as I do in standard def."

Perhaps the making of "Extreme Makeover: The Benefactor Edition" is only a matter of time.