TF1, LCI Use Orad for Election Results

For both rounds of results from the recent French presidential elections, viewers of TF1 and La Chaîne Info (LCI) saw the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy play out with 3D graphics from Orad systems.

Nine Orad HDVG rendering stations were used for the live-to-air graphics, which were prepared by Parallaxes and piloted by Alimage.

"Orad's 3D real-time graphics platform provided us with infinite flexibility in the control and broadcasting of all the graphic elements which are an integral part of such an intense graphic display," said TF1 News Artistic Director Fabien Jacob. "The dynamic components, including posting the last seconds results, were combined with complex pre-rendered elements, in order to compose a true graphic scenography which is crucial for such an important event."

Jacob said the Orad system would be used for the upcoming Assemblée National deputy elections in June.