Texas News Channel Adds Utah Scientific Router

News 8 Austin, a 24/7 local news channel in Austin, Texas has installed a new Utah Scientific 144-frame router and associated control system as part of a phased-in high-definition upgrade program.

The Utah-400 and SC-4 control system was selected for its reliability, ability to handle multiple signal types and customer support. It will serve as the nucleus for the HD build-out.

“I have equipment from other companies that is only five years old, but already it’s not under warranty, and there’s no support,” said Roland Bigley, News 8 chief engineer. “Utah Scientific is different. Unlike some manufacturers, they have stuck to their core line through the years. That's the business they know best, and their continued support is outstanding.”

The News 8 HD conversion program started two years ago and is making use of legacy gear where possible. The new Utah Scientific will allow the operation to continue using its older analog audio router until embedded audio distribution is in place.

News 8 began operations on Sept. 13, 1999 and reaches more than 36,000 households.