Testing Platform for OpenCable Specs Launched

Digital Keystone and SCM Microsystems have created HPNX, a new test and development platform for verifying product compliance with the CableLabs OpenCable specifications. Based on technology licensed from Digital Keystone and developed in cooperation with CableLabs, SCM Microsystems will manufacture and distribute HPNX worldwide.

HPNX verifies conformance of digital TV's, set-top boxes and other products built to the specs, which enable delivery of digital cable services and HDTV from the cable operator to consumer electronics devices. It is based on a proprietary hardware interface device and an application suite running on a Windows XP PC. HPNX provides control and connectivity for OpenCable cross-device integration and verification, including reference POD and HOST behavioral models, MPEG-2 transport streaming, parsing and rendering and bridging of the POD interface IP connection to OCAP applications and DOSCIS modems.