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Teranex’s new array processor delivers TeraOps of performance

Teranex, a provider of image processing for digital media content, introduced a new line of products based on its next-generation, patented array processing chip, code named P4K.

This new platform delivers a 10x performance increase over the previous version.

The P4K array processor chip can bring supercomputer performance for image processing applications to the desktop. For example, a PC outfitted with Teranex technology will provide about 1.6 TeraOps of performance, reducing by a third the time required for processor-intensive high-definition rendering effects. At this level of performance, the PC would qualify as one of the most powerful image processing systems in the world.

The P4K chip is a massively parallel supercomputer organized in a two dimensional Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) architecture with 4096 RISC-type computers on a single chip operating in unison. The computers, called Pixel Elements (PEs) are arranged in a two-dimensional grid — 64 PEs wide by 64 PEs high — providing the building block for system.

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