Teranex Adds Pan and Scan To Product Line

Teranex will released Xscan, an HD mastering application with pan and scan capability, at NAB2003. Xscan is designed to increase post house productivity, letting users master in HD and generate multiple SD formats in real-time for distribution, and will be distributed as an upgrade via Teranex's Best Picture Always program, which future proofs customers' platforms.

Xscan's HD mastering capabilities expand Teranex's post-production products supporting the Xantus "future-proof" array processing platform. Xscan users will be able to accurately define and capture SD cut-outs from HD material on a frame-by-frame, scene-by-scene basis. Teranex notes that during the conversion from HD to SD, a portion of the picture can be lost when a 4:3 SD image is cropped out of the 16:9 HD image. With Xscan, it says the user can focus the 4:3 SD image on the action and follow the elements of the picture that are important to the plot.

Xscan uses a multi-tap filter to provide sub-pixel accuracy, which ensure that pan and scan will operate properly whether performing linear or S-curve movements. Other features include pan and tilt, horizontal and vertical size, zoom, horizontal and vertical picture position and cropping, automatic calculation of required movement through start and end point set-ups for pan and scan transform or aspect ration conversion, image resizing from -25 percent to +100 percent and an auto film/video detection mode to ensure proper filtering during the conversion.