Telestream Automates Editing Workflows for Anica Flash

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream is helping bring the movies to television in Italy; movie trailers that is. Anica Flash, a producer and distributor of movie trailers to Italian TV broadcasters, is utilizing Telestream technology to automate editing and graphics workflows, specifically the Telestream Post Producer, Vantage and Vidchecker systems.

Anica Flash distributes movie trailers to 18 Italian TV stations, each requiring specific customization and format changes in layout, graphics, duration and final format. By using Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform, Anica Flash automated many elements of its content production.

The Post Production platform provided a workflow that begins with a spreadsheet where the scheduled elements are identified to produce multiple versions of the master edit. The spreadsheet includes details such as the name of the TV channel and the name of the clips to be inserted in sequence. Post Producer automatically assembles and conforms the edits based on the elements defined in the spreadsheet. Automatic measurement, correction of loudness and encoding to technical requirements of each broadcaster are also performed.

The Vidchecker Automated Quality Control software is also used to analyze the quality of final deliverable files and certifies compliance of the final product.

The system is able to produce multiple trailers simultaneously and complete the product in a few minutes.