Telescript showcases wireless LCD teleprompter at NAB

At NAB, the 8.4in RefleX Tablet PC mobile wireless LCD teleprompter from Telescript was introduced. The RefleX Tablet PC is a battery-operated, wireless LCD teleprompter that makes ENG operations more convenient and mobile.

The system is the latest addition to Telescript's line of teleprompting solutions for the field and the studio. New software product highlights include TeleScriptFlip, which turns any monitor into a prompter; TeleScriptEcho, with IP-addressable capabilities that allow for remote control, live on-line backup with a second computer and distance prompting in remote locations; and RefleX, which turns any tablet PC into a teleprompter with no additional notebook PC needed, allowing wireless networking, immediate response to changes and the capability to send scripts from any wireless networked device.

Other innovative Telescript products on display at NAB included the Fold and Go Prompting Systems, offering an efficient teleprompter solution packed in a highly portable and compact case; and the InStudio line of prompting hardware, designed to be the sturdiest and most adaptable prompting system for broadcast studio environments.

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