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Telegent Rolls Out 3G Mobile Analog TV Receiver Chip

SUNNYVALE. CALIF: Telegent Systems, the company introduced its third-generation analog mobile TV receiver, the TLG1121. The firm described the TLG1121 as “the first single-chip analog mobile TV receiver based on 65 nm CMOS process technology.” The single-chip configuration reduces power consumption and size relative to its predecessors. At 6-by-6 mm, the chip is 25 percent smaller than the second-generation iteration.

The TLG1121 supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV broadcasts on mobile devices. Analog remains the transmission format of choice for mobile TV around most of the world.

“Analog mobile TV has rapidly become the most prevalent form of broadcast mobile TV worldwide, representing more than half of 2009 broadcast TV handset shipments,” said Will Strauss, president of analyst firm Forward Concepts. “More than 88 percent of the global population will continue to receive analog broadcast TV signals in 2013, providing compelling market growth opportunities for manufacturers building devices for these regions.”

The TLG1121 is expected to become available for “customer sampling” in the second quarter of this year. -- Deborah D. McAdams