Telecom Serbia picks Entone for IPTV

Connected home systems vendor Entone has won a digital video recorder (DVR) contract from Telekom Srbija for national HD IPTV rollout.

Entone, a provider of connected home systems, has announced that its Amulet HD IPTV Receiver with digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities will be deployed by Telekom Srbija for its national HD IPTV rollout in Serbia. Telekom Srbija is the largest telecom operating company in Serbia, and was seeking a DVR for HD-based IPTV services across the country. A key factor in the choice of Entone was that Amulet is integrated with Intracom Telecom's middleware, which was also chosen for the rollout.

Telekom Srbija was formed in 1997 following the break up of the former Yugolsavia back into the previous Balkan states. The expansion of the operations and development of telecommunications services has given rise since then to the emergence of mobile telephony services, Internet and multimedia, and a wide range of value-added services.