Telecinco Trusts EVS for Studio Production

Telecinco, part of the Gestevisión–Telecinco group, has selected EVS tapeless technology for each of its studio control rooms in order to start the process of digitalising production.

"The main reason we chose to implement EVS solutions in the studios is their reputation", said Pablo de la Peña, director of engineering and technical director at Telecinco. "EVS's reliability has been proven around the world in the most critical productions".

In the first phase of the installation process, two four-channel EVS XT[2] servers controlled by two IP Directors will be installed, as well as XFile software serving as a gateway to Avid post-production rooms and for extra external archiving. The XFile software also includes EVS MediaXchange software, which allows media to be transcoded to different formats when needed.

During a second phase, Telecinco plans to add five more servers with their respective IP Directors to the existing setup. At this stage, it will also install an XStore[2] to act as both nearline storage for all the studios and an external redundant database.