Telecast shows snakes in government grass

Telecast Fiber Systems Viper II modular platform

At the Government Video Expo, in Washington D.C. last week, Telecast Fiber Systems showed a number of broadcast video cables named after the reptiles.

Stations use Telecast's equipment to extend range, simplify cabling, and reduce labor costs and set-up time for fixed and mobile television broadcast production. It accommodates all standard definition and HDTV digital production signals.

Telecast also showed its Digital CopperHead Camera-Mounted Transceiver, that offers SDI and HDTV compatibility via a two-core, single-mode fiber cable.

It lets broadcasters gather remote digital images at longer distances than those possible with conventional copper cables. The portable fiber-optic system mounts directly onto ENG/DSNG cameras to deliver both digital (601 SDI or uncompressed HDTV) and analog video, and also transports all audio, intercom, data, and control signals over a single, lightweight fiber cable.

Telecast's Viper II modular platform facilitates the distribution of multichannel video and audio for digital and analog productions. Housing up to 14 transmitter or receiver modules in one 3 RU high mounting frame, the system offers redundant power supplies and low-power consumption.

The DiamondBack eight-channel fiber optic video and audio multiplexer enables one fiber cable to carry multiple video, audio, data, and intercom channels. Each 1 RU DiamondBack unit is lightweight and portable for use in a wide range of field applications.

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