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Telecast POV system powers WPRI-TV remote news bureau

WPRI-TV’s new Bureau Link POV system allows its crews to operate cameras and audio equipment directly from their PCs via a cross-town connection.

Telecast Fiber Systems’ point-of-view (POV) fiber optic transceiver modules are being used by Providence, R.I.-based CBS affiliate WPRI-TV for a new broadcast news bureau.

WPRI has partnered with The Providence Journal to set up a news bureau at the newspaper’s facility, with cameras and bi-directional audio controlled remotely by the POV system over 8mi of fiber. Featuring an integral 10/100 Ethernet path, the new Bureau Linkÿ POV system allows WPRI’s personnel to operate the cameras and audio equipment directly from their PCs via a cross-town connection that eliminates the bandwidth and security issues characteristic of VPN or dial-up transmissions.

Gary Brown, WPRI’s news director, said the new bureau gives WPRI reporters the ability to go live from a location outside the station’s main studio without needing a videographer to operate the camera or a microwave van to transmit the signal back to our station. With the POV, they can control the camera from the control room, saving money by reducing demand on camera operators and the microwave van.

The POV system allows reporters to use the Ethernet connection for secure, high-speed, cross-town transfers directly to the WPRI mainframe from their laptops. A return video path also is provided so a reporter can voice over any feed that the WPRI control room switches up.

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