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Telecast Fiber Vipers provide HD transport at Newseum

Fiber-optic systems from Telecast Fiber Systems are enabling live remote HD television broadcasts throughout the Newseum, the newly opened museum of the news media in Washington, D.C.

The 250,000sq-ft Newseum is using Telecast Viper portable fiber-optic production systems to transmit signals for remote broadcasts from any one of 50 drop points located throughout the building as well as to high-visibility A/V equipment.

Newington, VA-based Communications Engineering provided systems integration services for the Newseum's fiber-optic network and equipment, including sourcing of the Telecast Viper systems. The Newseum's five portable Viper "mussel shell" units can be quickly deployed to any of the 50 broadcasting support panels (BSPs) located throughout the facility, each of which has a minimum of 12 single-mode fiber connections in addition to copper connections.

In addition to the Vipers, Telecast's SHED (SMTPE Hybrid Elimination Device) and HDX units provide local power to the Newseum's HD cameras via single-mode optical fiber.

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