Telecast Fiber introduces hybrid fiber/wire powering

Telecast Fiber Systems of Worcester, Mass, has announced a new technology for delivering power along with fiber optic video, audio and data support to remote television cameras.

Power Plus is a compact DC adapter that clips onto the back of Telecast’s CopperHead and Viper POV families of fiber optic transceivers. The option allows operators to reduce bulk by powering remote cameras with SMPTE hybrid fiber/wire cable.

Used in conjunction with Telecast's SHED HDX hybrid-to-fiber adapter and a SMPTE hybrid cable connector, the Power Plus feeds as much as 150 watts of power to the camera through fiber optic cabling originating from a remote production truck located up to 2,500 feet away. A second Power Plus version is available as an alternative for applications that require powering of cameras from local sources at event venues.

The Power Plus will be available for the CopperHead and POV product lines—including the new HD/POV transceiver launching at NAB2003—in the second quarter of 2003, the company said.

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