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Tektronix Scope and Software Allow Real-time Analysis of UWB Signals

Tektronix has announced a new software application, TDSUWB, for its TDS6000C series real-time oscilloscopes, allowing them to analyze ultrawideband (UWB) signals. Marv LaVoie, Tektronix Fellow, Performance Scope Product Line, explained, "UWB presents a particular challenge for test and measurement equipment, The high-frequency bandwidth required to test UWB places it beyond the capabilities of spectrum analyzers and virtually all oscilloscopes." She reported that with this software development, Tektronix is now able to provide instruments suited for this task.

Intel technology strategist and chairman of USB-IF Jeff Ravencraft added, "Tektronix' TDSUWB+WiMedia software will help accelerate the development of products based on Certified Wireless USB and the WiMedia Alliance Common Radio Platform. We are pleased that Tektronix has chosen to have TDSUWB+WiMedia real-time analysis as part of its new software utility.'

For more information, see the Tektronix press release Tektronix Provides Industry-First Oscilloscope Software for Ultra Wideband (UWB) and WiMedia Applications and the TDS6000 series Web page.