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Tektronix delivers MPEG analysis in software

Tektronix has developed a selection of software-based analysis tools to assist broadcasters needing to complement their real-time network monitoring with deferred-time testing on personal computers.

With the introduction of its offline MPEG Analysis Software for use on a customer’s own PC, Tektronix is offering broadcasters a powerful range of MPEG analysis products available in flexible and cost-effective software packages. Previously, this software was only available on the company’s MPEG measurement systems.

The company said that although comprehensive MPEG test systems are required in R&D environments and the evaluation laboratories of major networks, smaller broadcasters do not necessarily need a total analysis solution. However, these broadcasters need to monitor the MPEG transport streams within their networks.

Designed for use on PCs running the Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 operating system, the offline MPEG Analysis Software options offers a wide variety of capabilities to broadcasters. This includes deferred time analysis at the transport stream level, electronic program guide view, elementary stream test, and analysis of closed caption data (including CC-EIA608 and CC-EIA708 analysis).

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