TDG Classifies Four Groups of U.S. TV SVOD Users

PLANO, TEXAS—The pool of streamers of TV content continues to grow in relevance in the industry, but according to a new study from TDG Research indicates that within that pool there are four distinct sub-segments that provide key information into who is streaming and how.

According to TDG, each sub-segment of TV Subscription Streamers (TSSs) offers a distinct demographic, techno-graphic and psychographic profile. The four groups are as follows:

Pay-TV Supplementers – Defined by their affinity toward traditional pay-TV services, Supplementers use SVOD to complement their TV viewing. Live broadcast remains their first choice for TV viewing and they spend most their time watching TV programming.

Pay-TV Substituters – Substituters are distinguished by their aversion toward traditional pay-TV services and their affinity toward SVOD as their primary video source, accounting for two-thirds of their total video time. They watch SVOD services on their PCs and smartphones, but most time is spent watching on TV.

Quantum Viewers - This category is characterized by its tendency to watch SVOD on all devices, not just TVs. They are more likely to use all types of consumer electronic and computing devices, but are no more likely to be “anti-pay-TV.” This group is also the youngest on average of the four.

Video Luddites – This group spends the least amount of time watching all types of videos on all types of devices. Luddites still consider online video services as their key source of entertainment though.

Additional findings in the TDG study include that two-thirds of U.S. adult broadband users (ABUs) view online SVOD services on a home television. TSSs, however, tend to be younger than ABUs, with 44 percent of TSSs under the age of 34. One-fourth of TSSs turn to SVOD services first and spend an average of 41 percent of their weekly TV time watching streaming video. TVs remain the most popular viewing source for TSSs, 79 percent use their PCs, 46 percent use tablets and 59 percent use smartphones.

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