TBS Syncs With Sigma Electronics

Turner Broadcasting System, a Time Warner company, has selected Sigma Electronic's Arbalest Digital Audio-to-Video Synchronization Systems for use in live-to-air broadcasts. The company said the initial order is intended for Turner's TNT Cable Network's broadcast of the NBA Conference Finals.

In development since 2004 and making its debut at NAB2006, the Arbalest system provides recovery from lip sync errors created by multiple video and audio transmission paths. The Arbalest automatically detects and compensates for any delay in a transmission up to +/-5 seconds between a video signal and a corresponding audio. The process uses a patent-pending processing system that accurately identifies the time relationship between video and audio signals. The result is synchronized television over the air, on cable, or anywhere else that synchronization is required.

"Our Arbalest system provides an answer long sought by broadcasters and cablecasters: a dependable, verifiable way to ensure that the picture and sound captured during a live broadcast reaches the studio perfectly synchronized," said Bill Swilley, president of Sigma Electronics.

The Arbalest system is compatible with all television broadcast systems and other transmission avenues including streaming applications. Arbalest systems are now available.