Tandberg Television Upgrades Telco Management System

ScheduAll, a production and operations management software system for the broadcast industry, has been added to Tandberg Television's Cortex system management solution. Cortex is targeted at telephone companies and the addition of ScheduALL will give telcos scheduling and bandwidth control over telecom networks used for news, sports and live event transmission.

Using graphical control of transmission path scheduling and business management tools, ScheduALL helps manage complex systems that include automatic rate cards and cost tracking, resulting in improved bandwidth utilization. The product helps organizations avoid double bookings and technical mismatches and has algorithms to check for potential problems, such as existing bookings, availability restrictions, equipment requirements and required bandwidth.

Tandberg Television's Cortex software is designed for use over IP-based telecom networks or ATM networks that support permanent virtual circuits (PVC) and switched virtual circuits (SVC).