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Tandberg Television Helps NBC Universal Launch New HD Channels

NBC Universal has turned to Tandberg Television for a combination of compression products and managed services for the launch of its new HDTV channels including Bravo HD, USA HD, Sci-Fi HD and CNBC HD, which premiered Oct. 3.

For the first time stateside, Tandbger supplied its DVB-S2 8PSK modulators with its Prekor solution to distribute programming to service providers.

The DVB-S2 modulation standard is designed to increase the throughput of a satellite transponder, or increase downlink margins for better reception. Prekor optimizes the use of DVB-S2 8PSK modulation by precorrecting for distortions that can greatly reduce the maximum transmitted bit-rate.

The deal allows NBC Universal to expand its program offerings to cable, satellite and IPTV service providers throughout the United States.

“We benefit from a longstanding relationship with Tandberg Television and value their innovative solutions which impact how content providers can more effectively distribute programming,” said Larry C. Thaler, vice president of Distribution Technology Media Works at NBC-U. “We were excited to leverage Tandberg Television’s expertise and products to deliver the highest quality HD experience for our viewers nationwide.”

NBC Universal also deployed a Tandberg system that includes MPEG-2 HD multiplexers and the Tandberg Director network management and receiver control system, providing NBC-U with scaleable, future-proofed solutions. The company also provided its new Director Advantage service, a complete turnkey managed solution for the deployment of IRDs, and a multiservice decryptor fully integrated with the Director System.

Tandberg Television is part of the Ericsson Group, based in Sweden.