Taiwanese Firms See Future in DTV

Taipei Times is reporting that Taiwanese manufacturing companies see digital TV as the next big thing. The article by Jessie Ho said that at a launching ceremony for the Digital TV Special Interest Group (DTV SIG) in Taipei, company representatives were confident about the U.S. market for HDTV displays, digital tuners and other video appliances. Alan Pan, general manager of the multimedia communications division at Tatung, was quoted saying, "Taiwan has earned a reputation in integrated circuit (IC) and computer industries in the world, and the experience can help Taiwanese companies move to the digital TV sector, which combines both IC and computer technology." Pan said the FCC mandate that all TV sets larger than 13 inches have to include DTV tuners is expected to boost development of digital television in the market.

The China Post said HiTOP Communications Corporation received the right to display the 2003 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence on its portable DTV. The portable DTV has a 7-inch foldable LCD screen and weighs about 2 kg. Jacken Chen, Vice President at HiTOP Communications Corp., said, "We established HiTOP aiming to tap the digital TV market. Portable DTVs are a niche market, which sees less competition from cable and traditional analog TV manufacturers. While analog TVs can't receive signals when they are moving, DTVs can receive signals even in a moving vehicle, making portable DTVs an ideal niche for HiTOP. Many people drive a car for only 20 to 30 minutes. Instead of watching movies on DVDs, consumers need real-time TV programs such as news reports. Portable DTVs are an ideal candidate."

The article did not mention whether the portable DTV set would be available for the U.S. ATSC DTV standard. So far, the focus is on Europe and Taiwan.