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SysMedia to introduce WinCAPS Q-Live software

SysMedia will unveil at IBC2011 its WinCAPS Q-Live, new software for subtitling live and near-live programs.

Q-Live integrates speech recognition, a powerful newsroom computer system interface, and a simplified user interface to improve speed and accuracy.

WinCAPS Qu4ntum, its companion product, brings productivity benefits for offline subtitling, including workflow management integration, an enterprise-level knowledgebase and integration with media ingest systems.

Speech and language tools are used for speaker-dependent and speaker-independent voice recognition as well as text-to-speech synchronization — all designed to cut the cost of subtitling.

The company also will unveil a new Web editor for Plasma Gold, which makes multiplatform content management easier. The new Web editor delivers a simplified Web-based user interface for quick template selection, content editing and cross-platform previews.

See SysMedia at IBC2011 Stand 3B.67.