SysMedia system to assist Belgian broadcaster in digital teletext test

Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa), one of Belgium's leading broadcasters, will launch a trial of digital teletext delivery in October using SysMedia's Plasma Magenta content management system.

The pilot service is based on the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), rapidly gaining acceptance in Europe as the preferred standard for interactive television.

SysMedia has licensed technology from Fraunhofer IMK enabling Plasma Magenta to provide end-to-end MHP teletext preparation and transmission facilities.

VMMa has operated a commercially successful analog teletext service for several years and is now looking to extend into the digital interactive television domain. Plasma Magenta enables VMMa to produce its analog teletext service and the new digital service from a single system using the existing production team.

The VMMa test service will initially accommodate 200 homes on the Telenet and Interkabel cable networks for one year as part of the Vlaanderen Interactief trial of interactive TV. A full commercial service is expected to launch in autumn 2004.

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