Syracuse U. Elevates Education With Ikegami HD Cameras

SYRACUSE, N.Y.—We never stop investing in the student experience at Syracuse University, but this past year marked a landmark in our offerings—the launch of our new Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center.

This is an $18 million facility with much to offer the next generation of media professionals studying at Syracuse. We have two large soundstages for multicamera and film-style productions, and one includes a full cyclorama green screen. There’s also an automated newsroom/studio and two smaller “flex” studios for insert work. The facility integrates a complete digital workflow from studio to post-production facilities.

In a complex such as this, the cameras are unquestionably one of the most important considerations. We equipped Newhouse with four Ikegami HDK-95C full digital portable CMOS cameras, along with four Ikegami HDL-57 one-piece full digital native multiformat HDTV cameras. The foremost attribute we wanted was reliability— something we’ve come to expect after previous experience with Ikegami products.


Neal Coffey We have to take the long view when making purchases at a university, with product longevity, upgradability and a vendor’s service commitment taking top priority. As expected from such a versatile complex, our students often subject our cameras to extreme use—sometimes exceeding what broadcasters will dish out. However, we can’t cancel classes when a piece of gear is down. We know how durable Ikegami cameras are, and here they have proven themselves time and time again. Actually, the commissioning of our cameras stands out as one of the easiest aspects of the entire complex buildout.

Our Ikegami cameras are used by students in three departments: multimedia/photography/design, traditional television/radio/film, and broadcast and digital journalism. For each, Ikegmai is more than an education in reliability—the products also demonstrate high-quality image production. The pictures they create really benefit the students by preparing them for exactly what to expect in the professional realm.


The HDL-57s are one-piece HD cameras with 2.5 megapixel CMOS sensors, and they’re really integral to our automated newsrooms where we produce two dailly newscasts. As automated newsrooms become increasingly prevalent, we want to teach with the latest technology, and these cameras are ideal. In addition to great images, their smaller form factor makes them a great match for robotic support systems.

Our Ikegami HDK-95Cs have travelled all over Syracuse University since the Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center officially opened in September. The dedication ceremony immediately showed the world what we can do. We had all four Ikegami HDK-95C cameras to provide coverage of Oprah Winfrey and many other special guests on that special day. The CBS Morning Show even took a live feed from the event, as one of our alumni is an executive producer there. It was a proud moment for us all and we were glad to have Ikegami cameras here to capture the moment.

Neal Coffey is manager of operations and engineering at Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center. He may be contacted at

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