Syncbak to Conduct 'First Ever' Live OTT Broadcast Using Local Dynamic Ad Insertion

NEW YORK–Syncbak, a provider of OTT technology to the broadcast industry, will be conducting what it says is the first ever live straight to OTT broadcast using dynamic ad insertion on the local level. The test will take place at 10 p.m. EST, May 16 from Syncbak’s New York Media Center. The live stream, featuring comedian Michael Somerville in front of an audience of executives from broadcast groups, local stations and ad networks, will be available to viewers in all 210 DMAs across the U.S. on Syncbak’s SBTV app or at Syncbak TV.

The “broadcast” is designed to demonstrate Syncbak’s newly launched SBTV platform, which enables local broadcasters to quickly and easily build OTT channels. SBTV also includes an app that delivers these local broadcast OTT streams live or on demand on mobile devices.

Syncbak’s SimpleSync platform—which is now delivering about 600 channels, powering more than 7.5 million hours of live local programming on services such as CBS All Access, Hulu, fuboTV, and hundreds of local station apps and websites—serves as the backbone for SBTV. Syncbak says its OTT platform is currently being deployed by approximately 55 station groups in 196 DMAs, covering 99 percent of the U.S.

Jack Perry, president of Syncbak, says tonight’s test is a “slightly different twist” on the company’s technology. “We have almost 600 stations on our platform doing the live linear straight broadcast,” he said, “but this is where we are using our technology to take content—which is live but isn’t necessarily being broadcast over the air, so it’s going straight to over the top.”

Perry added that monetization via DAI doesn’t stop with the live performance. “It instantly becomes a DVR-ed asset in the cloud,” he said. “So the minute the show is over, it’s available for on-demand viewing, also using our dynamic ad insertion platform to monetize it.”

SBTV is comprised of three components:

The SimpleSync OTT Platform allows local TV stations to broadcast any content over-the-top to any vMVPD, as well as power their station websites and news apps with the SBTV platform. Any station in the U.S. can elect to be carried on the SBTV app at no cost, thereby instantly creating an always-on channel, through SBTV, with hyperlocal content such as live newscasts, locally-produced programming, syndicated shows, and more.

With the Cloud Syndication Marketplace, content owners can syndicate and license their programming for OTT delivery – live, on-demand or both – through local television stations that participate on SBTV. In addition, stations with original programming can be placed into the marketplace for it to be syndicated in markets where the broadcaster currently does not have a station.

adSync: Syncbak’s DAI technology automatically manages local and national advertising spots based on the location of the viewer. When the originating local station has exclusive rights to the programming, it can sell ads against that inventory, providing the station with an additional revenue stream.

“We’re very excited about the possibilities for our live local programming,” said Julia Campbell, Vice President of Media Systems, Gray Television. “With SBTV this past March, our station KTUU in Anchorage, Alaska was able to carry the Iditarod dogsled race live locally and build an audience nationwide.”

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“SBTV gives our stations the tools we need to deliver our own, unique, hyperlocal OTT channels,” said Brian Brady, CEO of Northwest Broadcasting. “And, since Syncbak is the leader in providing linear feeds to the vMVPDs, I know every one of my stations is ready for subscription OTT as well.”

For the SBTV launch, Syncbak has seeded the Cloud Syndication Marketplace with a dozen shows, each with a handful of seasons. The first show placed into the marketplace, the James Beard Award-winning food series food.Curated, which airs in New York City, was immediately syndicated in every DMA where SBTV has a local affiliate.

“I'm excited about the possibilities this technology presents,” said Liza de Guia, creator and executive producer of food. Curated. “SBTV enables my series to organically expand its reach to places that want more engaging food programming. The potential for my brand is limitless, and connecting with local programming partners just got easier. Plus, if these partners want to attract more local lifestyle advertisers and I want more viewers, SBTV can help make this happen. It's a win-win.”

Syncbak has opened the Cloud Syndication Marketplace to any content owner with live or on-demand programming wishing to syndicate for OTT on a local level.

Perry says Syncbak’s experience in providing local broadcasts over OTT has provided the company, the expertise required to pull off such a test. “We’ve handled some of the biggest events for hundreds of stations, like the Grammys,” he said. “We think the next great frontier in live streaming is in live local niche programming.”

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