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Swisscom brings mood into IPTV

Swiss Telco Swisscom is revamping its IPTV service ‘Swisscom TV’ by giving customers the ability to set up their own channels, and have recommendations tuned to their mood.

It has chosen a content recommendation engine from Israeli company Jinni for this, bringing a TV guide including personalized channels based on different facets of the user’s tastes, as well as listings of TV programming currently airing geared to the user’s individual preferences. It also features semantic search, which involves consumers entering phrases, such as “mind bending” and “stylized,” to locate content that the system deems to match the underlying meaning of the words.

There is also the usual social recommendation facility, enabling groups of friends to find TV shows and movies that match their combined preferences, and also serve up recommendations based on content rated highly by other users with similar preferences.

Swisscom has about 670,000 IPTV subscribers, up 40 percent over the last year, having added 47,000 in the first quarter of 2012.