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Sweetwater builds new HD truck

Van Nuys, CA-based Sweetwater Digital Productions, a company that rents video production trucks, custom control rooms and other production equipment, has completed installation of a variety of HD production and multiformat infrastructure equipment for its latest HD production truck, Cobalt.

The new truck made its debut at the Independent Spirit Awards broadcast live in March from Santa Monica, CA, and was also used for “Last Comic Standing” and the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, both of which took place in Las Vegas. The truck features NVISION router signal processing equipment and Riedel Communications’ Artist digital intercom matrix system.

The 53ft HD truck is wired for up to 20 Sony 1500 HD cameras (they’ve bought 32 Fujinon HD lenses) and boasts an NVISION NV8288 Digital Video Router, NV9000 Router Control and Panels and a 192 x 192 Artist matrix in two frames linked with fiber cabling. The Reidel system connects digitally to the main audio router directly via AES audio on AES-108 client cards, eliminating the need for external AD/DA converters. Coax client cards allow control panels to be wired via coax cabling, and analog cards offer transformer-balanced four-wire I/Os.

Spread throughout the truck are more than 32 rack-mounted 1000 series intercom control panels connected via coax cabling, plus additional desktop panels for use outside. All of the 1000 series panels come fully loaded with eight-character LED displays built into the keys, an individual volume control for each key and multiple auxiliary I/Os.

The Fujinon lens package includes: four XA88x8.8BESM/PF HD telephoto lenses, four HD studio lenses, 12 super wide-angle ENG-style lenses, eight HA16X6.3BERM ENG-style lenses with extender and four HA22X7.3BRD/PF HD ENG-style lenses.

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