SVOD Subscriptions to Surpass 300M in U.S. by 2025, per Report

(Image credit: Disney)

LONDON—Netflix, Disney+, YouTube TV and other popular streaming services aren’t going anywhere in the U.S.. In fact, according to a new report from Digital TV Research, SVOD platforms are projected to cross the 300 million subscriber milestone by 2025.

This estimate comes from Digital TV Research’s “North America OTT TV & Video Forecasts” report, with the number of subscriptions based on SVOD platforms offering movies, linear channels and TV episodes, while excluding other type of platforms, including sports platforms.

As of 2019, per Digital TV Research, there are 199 million U.S. SVOD subscriptions. From now until 2025, that number is projected to rise by 108 million to 307 million. This will be sparked by households increasing the average number of paid SVOD platforms they have from 2.28 in 2019 to 3.28 in 2025.

(Image credit: Digital TV Research)

 There are a significant number of SVOD options for consumers to meet these expectations, established and new. The largest growth is projected to come from services like Disney+ (more than 30 million subscribers), Hulu (13 million subscribers), HBO Now (12 million) and the soon to be launched Peacock (12 million)—another new service, HBO Max, was not included in estimations. Netflix and Amazon, however, remain the heavy-weights of the groups, with Netflix expected to have more than 65 million U.S. subscribers and Amazon surpassing 60 million U.S. subscribers by 2025.

“A dozen platforms will have more than 5 million paying subscribers by 2025—revealing just how far ahead in terms of choice the U.S. market is compared with the rest of the world,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research.

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