SVoD Homes Have Access to 100,000 Hours of Content, Finds Ampere

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LONDON—Pouring through the entire libraries of SVoD services would fill one heck of a binge session, as a new report finds that the average U.S. household has access to almost 100,000 hours of content.

The study comes from Ampere Analysis, which combined its consumer polling data on the different services available to U.S. households. The 100,000 hours of content comes from an average of 3.8 streaming services in a home. Ampere cites the uptake of Amazon Prime Video’s growing portfolio and the addition of new services like Disney+ for hitting this new content benchmark.

Fun fact, if someone wanted to watch 100,000 hours of content, Ampere says it would take 11 years watching back-to-back, and 70 years if a viewer averaged four hours a day.

The recent launch of Disney+ and Apple TV+ has increased the volume of content available to subscribers. Ampere says that almost a third of U.S. SVoD households added Disney+ in Q1 2020. The service has 4,200 hours of content, adding an average of 1,400 hours to the typical SVoD household’s portfolio.

Amazon, meanwhile, has more than doubled its content catalog in the U.S. since Q3 2017, according to Ampere. Because of this, Ampere says that the 60% of SVoD households that subscribe to just Netflix and Amazon hit the 100,000 hours mark with the available TV Shows and movies.

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If a household has young kids, on average they have access to nearly five SVoD services, up from 3.5 during the same period last year. This again can be attributed primarily to the launch of Disney+. Because of this uptick, these households on average have 102,000 hours of available content. However, adults who live alone still have on average 3.1 services, which equals out to about 85,000 hours of content.

“Consumers already have a vast amount of content at their disposal, and a U.S. household who subscribes to both Netflix and Amazon currently has access to more than 100,000 hours of content from those two services alone,” said Toby Holleran, senior analyst at Ampere. “As the market fragments further with additional direct-to-consumer services and households hit a spending ceiling, consumers will become more selective about their SVoD choices. The more expensive services, alongside those with a clear brand and proposition, will find the going gets tougher.”

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