Survey Says, TV News Dominates Local Media

Magid sampled 2,500 for Hearst-Argyle
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NEW YORK: Ads in local TV newscasts get more attention than those in other types of media, a survey by Frank N. Magid Associates indicates. The survey, commissioned by Hearst-Argyle, compared TV to radio, magazines, newspapers, direct mail and the Yellow Pages. For each type of media, respondents said they were more engaged with TV ads:

55 percent vs. 45 percent for direct mail
57 percent vs. 43 percent for magazines
64 percent vs. 36 percent for newspapers
72 percent vs. 28 percent for radio
81 percent vs. 19 percent for Yellow Pages

The survey of 2,500 adults age 25-54 collected information on their use of various media. Other findings included:
-- 47 percent said local news was their most important source of information, rating it 4 or 5 in a 1-5 rating system, five being high.
-- 47 percent responded likewise to newspapers; 30 percent for Web sites, 17 percent for radio and 7 percent for magazines.
-- 66 percent said local TV was their most important source of weather news. The Web gathered 41 percent, 17 percent for radio; newspapers, 11 percent and magazines, 3 percent.

The results also suggested the recession is driving eyeballs to local news--99 percent said they were watching at least as much if not more frequently than in the past because of economic news.