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Survey finds consumers attribute more value to pay TV service as number of screens increases

A new nationwide survey conducted by consumer research firm Hub Entertainment for EPIX finds consumers who view content on multiple platforms and devices attach more value to service from their pay TV provider than those who watch on a TV set only.

The findings, released June 11 at 2013 Cable Show in Washington, D.C., show the value that subscribers attribute to their pay TV service increases as the number of devices used to watch programming grows.

Pay TV subscribers' value ratings increase by up to 83 percent for viewers who access programming on multiple devices compared to those who watch on TV only.

Among pay TV subscribers who view content on a TV plus three additional devices, 71 percent said they feel pay TV is an "excellent/good" value. That percentage increases to 88 percent among pay TV subscribers viewing on TV and four other devices. Among subscribers who view content on a TV only, 48 percent believe that they are getting an "excellent/good" value from their pay TV subscription.

The findings also indicate that multiplatform viewing enhances the value that subscribers attribute to EPIX. EPIX subscribers' satisfaction increases by more than 50 percent among multiple platform and device viewers compared with those who watch only on TV.

EPIX is a premium entertainment network that delivers the latest movie releases, classic library titles, original films, comedy, music and sports events on TV, on demand, online and on devices.

The study was conducted online in March 2013 by Hub Entertainment Research, which surveyed 1936 TV viewers ages 16 to 64 nationwide who have broadband access at home.