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Super Bowl LV Won’t Stream in 4K

Super Bowl LV CBS
(Image credit: CBS Sports)

NEW YORK—CBS Sports has announced its streaming plans for Super Bowl LV, however one thing missing was any news on a 4K or HDR stream of the big game. According to The Verge, CBS Sports Digital has confirmed that there will be no 4K stream of the Super Bowl this year.

CBS Sports is citing production limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic as reasons for not being able to offer a 4K stream. CBS has not offered a NFL game in 4K/HDR to date, and any possible plans for one were likely shifted because of the demands of remote production.

Fox Sports offered a 4K and HDR stream of last year’s Super Bowl LIV, however they had previous experience with 4K productions of live NFL games and were not dealing with a pandemic.

The full story is available on The Verge