Studio Network Solutions provides SAN for Beatstreet Productions

When the New York City-based Beatstreet Productions needed a reliable, state-of-the-art Storage Area Network (SAN), they turned to Studio Network Solutions (SNS). Beatstreet creates original scores and songs with a team of Grammy, Emmy and Cleo award-winning composers. It also provides music and voice-over recordings for high-profile commercials. It's not uncommon on any given day for Beatstreet to be working on multiple projects, and client demands and deadlines leave no time for downtime.

SNS designed and installed a custom Fibre Channel A/V SAN PRO system. This system allows Beatstreet staff to collaborate on large projects and easily capture, share and edit digital media over the high speed Fibre Channel network. Beatstreet can now share all of their video and audio files as well as the SFX library. All of the files stored are protected using RAID 5.

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