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Studio Network Solutions introduces SANmp management, sharing software

Studio Network Solutions has announced SANmp, a new multiplatform software application that allows workstations with different operating systems to concurrently access information from a Storage Area Network. With SANmp, users now have the freedom to upgrade to the latest OS or to add Windows workstations to their Mac environment.

There is such a wide array of professional audio and video software available that many facilities find it nearly impossible to commit to a single OS version or platform. With SANmp and the company’s A/V SAN and A/V SAN PRO, it is possible to have a multi-platform solution that isn’t proprietarily tied to a specific DAW, NLE or operating system.

In addition, SANmp is easy to implement and maintain because it does not require a server or Ethernet connection. The Mac and Windows versions of SANmp share a common user interface. It is simple to use on either platform.

Among the many SANmp features are the ability to configure, manage, share and access SAN resources, create RAID sets and set access privileges at the user level. For most, the greatest benefit will be the ability to integrate Mac OS and Windows workstations regardless of whether the systems are running Nuendo, Sonic HD, Final Cut Pro, Pyramix, Avid, Pro Tools or virtually any other software.

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