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Studio Network Solutions announces winners of hard drive toss at NAB

NAB attendees participated in the Studio Networks Solutions' First Annual Hard Drive Toss contest hoping to win a Powerbook or Apple iBook.

More than 500 people participated in the First Annual Hard Drive Toss Contest at the recent NAB2005 convention in Las Vegas, hosted by Studio Network Solutions (SNS). Contestants were asked to literally throw a computer hard drive into a garbage can 30ft away. SNS called the promotion a smashing success.

Among the winners: Hiroaki Komatsu of Osaka, Japan, received the grand prize of a 17in Powerbook; John Mills, of Vancouver, Canada, was awarded an Apple iBook for second place; and Gordon Humphrey, of New Hampshire, received an Apple iPod for third place.

SNS said that among those participating, about 60 were successful in landing a hard drive into the garbage can. These skilled individuals were automatically entered into a drawing for a Powerbook or iBook.

The goal of the event was to promote the latest workflow design software built by SNS, which specializes in designing and manufacturing storage technology. It also was meant to demonstrate that without a proper storage area network, a person might as well “toss his hard drive in the garbage.”

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