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Studer Vista 5 hits the road in Ireland

Television Mobiles (TVM), a mobile production company in Ireland, has chosen the new Studer Vista 5 digital console to improve the audio section of its popular OB3 production truck. TVM is one of the first clients in Ireland to adopt the digital audio console for sports production.

The Vista 5 replaced a 48-channel analog console in the 40ft OB3 truck, which has four separate rooms and has been designed to cover sports and entertainment. It carries a 12-camera scanner, with six HD cameras and six SD. The plan is to make the trick fully HD capable and add more HD cameras in the near future.

Because of the digital console’s compact size, the TVM team had space left over to mount the VGA monitor on custom-built oak panels beside the console. Reflecting the variety of shows and events produced by the OB3 truck, the Vista 5 can be used in two different positions: one for sports and the other ideal for music production.

TVM has already used the Vista 5 console to cover live rugby matches and horseracing events.

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